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What Is The HustlersGlobal Club...?

What Exactly Is The Difference Between This Business Network And The Thousands Of Others?


Who is behind The HustlersGlobal Club? 

Hi! My name's Marko Stavrou, I'm the co-founder of The HustlersGlobal Club and HustlersGlobal. I'm an entrepreneur, speaker, and Gen Z consultant.  I made my first 100,000 Rand at 15, was the youngest person to be accepted into Henley business school globally, and have consulted successful entrepreneurs worldwide.

My personal website-

Hi! My name's Yanda Mazastana and I'm the co-founder of The HustlersGlobal Club and HustlersGlobal. I have started multiple businesses, and am passionate about programming and new tech innovation. 

HustlersGlobal website-

Why did we start the Club?

Yanda and Marko founded HustlersGlobal in 2019 with one problem they aimed to solve. Help young people build successful businesses faster, with less money. Growing up in South Africa, they both wished they had the right people, information, and resources when they started and began to grow their businesses. That's why they created The HustlersGlobal Club to give other young entrepreneurs everything they really need to succeed. 

"We want fellow entrepreneurs not to waste all the money, time, and resources we had to..."

The Club was created for 

Gen Z entrepreneurs from around the world, ranging from 16-to 28 years old, who have a new or old business, and want to scale and grow to the next level.

Founders Who Don't Want To:

  • Do it all alone. They want to overcome the feelings of being tired, frustrated, and stuck, wondering when this will all be ‘worth it’

  • Feel overwhelmed by trying to ‘figure it all out by themselves; instead, they just want to learn from people who've done it all before.

  • Allow fear and procrastination to hold them back from taking the RIGHT action in their business (the action that will actually have an impact)
  • Spend thousands of dollars on business coaches, online courses, and business events that generate no real progress.

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Here's Exactly What You'll Get

In Person & Virtual Events

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

Our In person events are all about providing a platform for like-minded young entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, services, and support each other to build our businesses faster!


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Virtual Events

From Stagnant To Exponential Growth

Are you ready to scale your business with a global community that supports you and provides you with the tools to set you up for success?

Then this unique online network and community is for you.

We are only accepting 30 HustlersGlobal Club Plus members for the first intake, applications are reviewed before you're accepted"Apply Here"

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